Location and how to reach Silba

Where is Silba Island ?

Island of Silba is situated in the Zadar archipelago, south-east of Island Mali Losinj. Its surface is about 15 sq/km and the length is 8.5 km.

The closest city on the mainland is Zadar (about 30 miles away). Boats and ferrys from Zadar sail every day and the catamaran trip lasts 1,5 hour.

How to reach Silba?

ZADAR - 30 nautical miles - Boats and ferries travel each day and the trip lasts about 1,5 hours (catamaran) or 4 hours (ferry). Price of the ticket depends on a boat and it ranges from 30 - 50 HRK.

MALI LOSINJ - 18 nautical miles - Ferry sail each day (summer scheduler) and the trip lasts abot 2 hour. Price of the ticket 20-30 HRK

Catamaran Princ Zadra Catamaran line

fast, air conditioning catamaran with 301 places reach Silba from Zadar at 1,5 hour

Tickets and schedule info .... "MIATOURS" -   Travel agency, Zadar

Ferry line

Ferry with 500 passanger places connects Silba with Zadar and Mali Losinj
Tickets and schedule info ..... "JADROLINIJA" - Zadar / Mali Lo?inj

How to reach Zadar?

Zadar A1 highway Arrival by CAR to Zadar

You can reach Zadar safe and easily with the new highway Zagreb - Split (A1). In less than
three hours you can arrive from Zagreb or Rijeka to Zadar.

For more traffic and road information and road conditions visit HAK - Croatia auto club or

Hrvatske autoceste

Zadar airport Arrival by PLANE to Zadar

Zadar airport is small but modern airport (8 km away from the city centre), connects Zadar to the Croatian cities and several European cities (London, Dublin, Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo, Brussel,

Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart ... more information on Zadar airport

and low cost airlines Ryanair, Germanwings

Zadar bus Arrivall by BUS to Zadar

Regular domestic bus lines and international bus lines connect Zadar with Austria, Italy, Hungary, France, Germany, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

For more information visit Bus Terminal Zadar
Zadar airport Arrival by BOAT to Zadar

Regular travel and ferry lines to Italian port of Ancona (Ancona, Pescara and Bari from Split and Dubrovnik). Daily ferry line connects Rijeka and Split during whole year.

For more information visit agency Jadrolinija